About the MMD

29 Companies & 200+ students: combining challenge and innovation!


The Maritime Match Day is a business event that is organized annually to bring students of the S.G. “William Froude” in contact with the maritime industry. Whether you are a starting-first-year-student or an almost-finishing-master-student, the MMD is the maritime event you definitely do not want to miss out on.

The day is set up in a way that not only students but as well companies take maximum advantage of the day. Different elements will make this day a success in which the utmost demands are being made of both sides. First of all, the business fair is very suitable for networking since the student-to-employee ratio is kept low. Furthermore, the company brings engineers that can tell you what it is like working at that specific company, but also provide you with information on doing a company related internship, student course or graduation assignment.

Apart from the business fair, five cases are being offered. The student can indicate his / her preference during registration and will then be matched with a company. There will also be a case specially for first-year students, which has proven its success in the past. During the cases, a lot of abilities will be required from the student. With an innovative look solutions must be found for non-everyday problems. Cooperation in the cases is crucial in order to for solve the issue.

At the end of the day, as in previous years, speed dates are offered for third-year students and above. Through these speed dates, students have the chance to conduct a one-on-one conversation with the company of his / her preference. For those who do not take part in a speed-date there is special lecture hosted in the auditorium. The subject of this lecture is yet to be announced.

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