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On this page you can sign up for the Maritime Match Day as external visitor. Please enter your details below if you would like to attend the event. 

Please inform us about food allergies/dietary wishes.

At the end of this registration, you will have to pay 5 euros as entrance fee. 


This year, five cases will be held. Especially for the first year students there is a case held by RollDock. Please enter your first, second and third choice if you would like to participate.Otherwise, leave all options blanc. 

For information about the different cases, see this page.

Speeddate sessions

If you are in the third year or higher, you can attend the speeddate sessions. There will be three 15-minute sessions for which you can sign up.

There can be multiple reasons to attend a speeddate session, like to get general information about working for a certain company or maybe you are looking for a (MATSO) internship. There are limited spaces available. We will assign the sessions in order of registration. Fourth and fifth choice are included for backup. Leave blank if you don't want to make use of any of the choices. 

You have to upload your resume and select the reason why you would like to talk to the company. Your resume will be shared with the company/companies prior to the sessions, so they know with whom they will be talking. If you want to include additional information to share with the company, enter it in the text box below.

The committee can not guarantee all three choices of speeddates, we do aim to give everybody their first preference.


Because of the new Dutch law regarding privacy, please check the following box. If you disagree, please contact us via