The six companies below have organised cases during the MMD 2018 in no particular order:

Royal Huisman Shipyards:

Building a sailing superyacht requires knowledge of a lot of subjects. The most beautiful interiors, very complex systems and difficult design features are built into a structure to realize the dream yachts for the worlds wealthiest. On top of that, the vessels should also meet stability and performance requirements under various circumstances. Royal Huisman summons you to apply all your knowledge on these topics in a challenging case study about performance optimization of a sailing superyacht.


Green water: A new ship has recently been delivered by the yard. The design is praised in the industry for its good looks and ecological footprint. However, after a couple of months in service, the ship operator notices that in some conditions the vessel is shipping a lot of water. The amount of water on deck is so large that it is no longer safe to work there. You will be one of the experts in an independent team studying the green water problem on this ship. You will examine why the green water effect occurs for this particular ship. Of course, you will also present the client with a remedy to prevent the green water occurring in the future. A challenging task lies ahead.


The Right Design: The question in the back of the mind of any designer is: “Am I designing the right product for my client?” As a designer you translate the abstract wishes of a client into a feasible concept. Knowing how to do this correctly and efficiently is the key to becoming a good designer. In this case study, using a real-life example, find out which tools you have available to decipher, translate and correctly interpret a client’s wishes to create the right design.


DEKC Maritime challenges you to Build Your Own Boat in this case study. We will provide you with a real life mission statement and with a ‘LEGO’ box of design options, some tracing paper, tape, and pencils, and it will be up to you to put together your take on what the resulting design should look like. Anything goes, as long as you can justify why you did what you did. Then, you will pitch you designs to the rest of the group and try to convince us why your design is the best. To top it off, we will show you how our design for this vessel turned out.

TWD (Freshmen):

Your client is going to build a new jetty terminal in the Mediterranean Sea. The terminal will be built out of 250 concrete caissons of 8000t that will form berthing locations and breakwater. These caissons will be built on the mainland and need to be installed just off the coast at 30m water depth. The client has asked you to come up with a plan to transport these caissons from the fabrication site to the final installation site.

  • How would you get the caissons in place?
  • What are the operational challenges you can identify?
  • What are the critical stages in the operation?


Do you want to know what it takes to prepare a successful transportation for heavy and over-sized cargo? During our case you are part of the tender team of a heavy lift shipping company! You will represent BigLift for a valuable and highly rated client and you are asked to propose the most attractive transportation solution, both technically and commercially. Choose from our fleet of heavy lift vessels and module carriers, use their lifting and ro-ro capabilities to the fullest, and prepare a feasible stowage plan, while keeping in mind that the cargo must be loaded, sea fastened and discharged safely. We are looking forward to see your creative and innovative solutions!