The Maritime Match Day of 2018 will begin with an interesting discussion panel, hosted by Marnix Krikke (Innovation and Human Capital Director of Netherlands Maritime Technology). The panel will consist of six members from which three will represent their company and the other three will represent te TU Delft. The companies will be represented by Basjan Faber (managing director at C-Job), Thomas Combe (Project Management Consultant at Critical Minds) and Naomi van den Berg (Design and Proposal engineer at DAMEN). The TU Delft will be presented by Peter Wellens (Master coordinator of the Msc science track), Klaas Visser (academic teacher Marine Engineering) and Andreas Feys (commissioner of educational affairs 2016-2017 at S.G. "William Froude).

The subject of this panel will be the connection today's education to the practice of tomorrow. The companies and teachers in the panel will discuss how the students transistions to the working life. Examples of topics are; the effects of doing committee's, holding a position on the board of a study/student association and the interaction between the industry and our education.