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This year there will be held six cases by MARIN, Ulstein, Vroon, C-Job, Feadship and Critical Minds. Critical Minds will held specially a case for first years students. The cases will be held in English (if one or more non-Dutch speakers participate)  

The topics that will be discussed:


Floating Wind Turbines

Offshore windmillparks will play a more important part in the transition of fossil to renewable energy in Europe. The North Sea is a suitable area with lots of wind and relative small depths. New parks in water with more depth will bring new challenges to the company.

Floating objects contain new hydrodynamic challenges. In this case you will get the possability tot develop creative concepts and estimate the hydrodynamic performance!

  • Ulstein

The SOUL jack-up is the next step up in offshore wind enabling the installation of the next generation 10-15MW wind turbines. This innovative jack-up design opens new possibilities in loading and arranging the wind turbine components on the deck. The challenge for the Ulstein case will be to develop a loading sequence, deck arrangement and installation sequence for the next generation offshore wind turbines on the SOUL jack-up.

An optimal loading plan is essential as wind turbine installation is all about turnaround times to increase efficiency, be cost effective and beat competition! Who can create the most efficient loading plan for the SOUL jack-up or maybe propose an even better jack-up concept?

  • Vroon

Iver Ships, with offices in the Netherlands and Italy, is responsible for marketing, chartering, operations and ship management of the Vroon tanker fleet. Iver Ships operates a modern tanker fleet, with vessels primarily chartered to major oil companies. Iver Ships strives to provide customers with flawless operations, supported by a close working relationship from a commercial and operational perspective. Iver Ships currently operates six handysize, five medium-range and fourteen bitumen tankers.

Iver Ships considers building new tankers for delivery around 2020. These ships have to be compliant with the strictest environmental regulations and operate with the highest energy efficiency while also sailing in ice. Iver Ships asks the participants of this case study to review the available data such as the operational profile, design documents from the shipyards and technical specifications from equipment manufacturers, and come up with the most suitable propulsion system for a tanker on this trade.

  • C-Job Naval Architects

Powering the future

The participants will for groups to design the next generation LNG powered wind farm maintenance vessels. A basic hull shape will be given combined with the required equipment including their block sizes and restrictions. In addition, optional equipment can be added to the vessel. Each design must meet the general requirements to consider it valid. Only a valid design can score points on the multiple aspects which will be measured like autonomy, number of additional equipment installed and comfort. As time is limited the participants will not only be challenged on their ability to reach the best design but also to cope with management of time. The design with the most points wins!

  • Feadship

Feadship will be held a case together with topsporter and maritime student Maxime Jonker. She will held a short presentation about boat speed. She will also talk about how to get the best out of yourself and your material. Feadship will make the link between Maxime's boat to Feadship her boats. There will be a discussion about the ambition of Feadship tot use hydrofoils for extra speed and comfort.  

  • Critical Minds, speciaal voor eerstejaars studenten!

Tijdens de MMD kun je bij de case van Critical Minds echt ervaren hoe jouw eerste toekomstige baan als projectconsultant eruit kan zien. Door middel van de game; The Arch duik je onder in de wereld van grote jachten en projectbeheersing. Zo kom je in aanraking met verschillende afdelingen en stakeholders. Wie lukt het om de doorlooptijd van dit prachtige jacht te verkorten?


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