With the first Maritime Match Day being organized in 2012, a very important tradition in the history of the Scheepsbouwkundig Gezelschap “William Froude”, the study association of Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture at the Delft University of Technology was started!

The main goal of the Maritime Match Day has always been the “Strengthening of the relationship between Maritime students, companies, and engineers from the Maritime sector.” This goal has been the centre or the day year after year and the Maritime Match Day has been the beginning of many interesting and useful professional relationships.


The first MMD had an open business fair combined with lunch and ended the day with a dinner at “De Ruif” in Delft.


The second MMD committee had a great start from the successful day in 2012 and started to adjust several details of the event. The dress code changed from suits to “smart casual” and aimed for a lowering of the bar to talk to the engineers. The 50/50 percent of HR personnel and engineers was established to have a good ratio between the recruiters and people who know more about possible internships and those who know the ins and outs of the operations of the company.


The Maritime Match Day kept evolving over the years and each and every committee added their own focus and details, the MMD kept improving!


In the year 2016, the MMD had a special presentation by Dr. Ir. J.F.J. Pruyn with the help of two master students. During this presentation, practical matters and experiences regarding writing a thesis were provided, which turned out to be a nice part of the program for the Master students. For the second time in the MMD history, speed dates with students and companies were organized which lead to many great deals regarding graduation projects and internships!     


The MMD in 2017 was the first MMD ever to operate under the name of a theme, being “MMD 2017, The Next Choice”. This day was the first event to host a discussion panel which started a discussion about the future of the maritime industry between several companies. It was a delightful day!


With the theme of "MMD 2018, The Future is Ours", the 7th edition of the MMD provided a range of future themed activities. The discussion panel debated about what future choices a student should make. With the panel members each having a corporate, academic or student background, it sure was an interesting talk. Other future driven presentations were given by startup companies. Each startup gave a short pitch and answered questions. To see these companies of the future sure was a nice insight. With these activities and the cases, speed dates and of course the business fair, the MMD of 2018 was a great day!


"Broaden your horizon" was the theme on May 14th 2019. 


The MMD committee 2020 was the first committee to tackle organizing the Maritime Match Day online. Initially the event was planned to be held on the TUDelft physically. However, Covid-19 came in and after postponing the event twice we decided to put full effort in organising the first Maritime Match Day online! Wednesday december 16th we kicked off under the theme "Navigate Your Future." The day was all about offering students the opportunity to orientate themselves in the maritime sector or to look for work-, an internship- or a graduation place as well as offering maritime companies the chance to connect with students in their field of work. 


The MMD of 2021 was also held online, with use of the platform Hopin. There was a panel, speed dates, cases and the normal exhibition floor. The theme was "In between two worlds", this refers to the current modernization and to the pandemic; the online world and the physical world. The committee has worked very hard to achieve this second all-online MMD, and we can look back on a very successful event!


This year MMD was finally held in-person again, due to Covid restrictions being lifted. The theme was "A new perspective". As none of the committee members has ever experienced a "normal" MMD before, this has surely made for a new perspective on the event!


Looking further beyond what we thought possible, this year's goal is to make the MMD bigger than ever before: more students and more companies will make the MMD 2023 more interesting and diverse! A wider range of activities means that it is an attractive event for all TU Delft students. Also, we intend to organize more activities and workshops focused on wellbeing and mental health.